How to Network at Tech Events

Ivy Elebesunu
3 min readJun 30, 2023


Even if it sounds cliche, tech events provide much more than swag! I stated my opinion. Hello, techie! Welcome to this read by Tech & Techies. Discussing “Networking at Tech Events” will be our topic.

Have you ever gone to an event with a purpose? Let’s be real here. Or do you simply show up at any event without thinking about why? When we attend events and fail to fully engage with them, it can become stressful and irritating. Tech events may be your next step in landing a career. How? The art of networking.

A little birdie said techies lack communication skills. Do you concur? It might be real, or it might not. But just as important as technical abilities are communication skills. If you are terrible at persuasion and have weak communication skills, how can you convince your recruiter that you can deliver? Since they have mastered the art of communication, job candidates may not have your degree of skill set. In this article, we’ll look at several suggestions for enhancing our networking and communication abilities.

Let’s consider networking from a new angle. I want you to reconsider networking since the world has reduced it to “what the other party can possibly give you.” Consider the benefit you can provide to the other person. Emotions are present when networking. Along with considering the benefits for your professional side, you are also investing emotionally. You can be sure that a relationship won’t prosper if you treat the parties involved like a commodity. Do you consider networking events to be nothing more than drainable resources? Have you ever considered the contributions you could make?

Networking calls for self-assurance. I’m well aware that we have an introverted side, yet being introverted differs from being shy. Your level of self-assurance will reflect how much you trust your skill set, and if you don’t have faith in them, why should a recruiter? Trusting your true self requires confidence. Being proud of who you are will make it much simpler for you to approach strangers. You’re leaving the comfort of your home to attend an event, have fun and invest in relationships.

Find common ground in the starter conversation. After the introduction, get to know each other better. Asking background questions and finding what you have in common will make it easier to make a bond. Again, it is important to note that you’re making an emotional investment and you must add value to whatever you’re building.

Do more listening than speaking. At times when having a conversation, we tilt every conversation back to the “ME”. Listening more and giving attentive body language makes the other party involved feel important and makes the conversation rather engaging. Make it a “THEM” thing. Don’t be selfish while conversing

Establish your worth as a person. Give them the impression that having you around will be a benefit, not a burden. Talking about potential projects you’ve worked on and events that have shown the requisite skill sets in your specialty will help you achieve this.

Be true to yourself. Everyone loves originality. Don’t be who you’re not because you will only hurt yourself. Networking while being you makes things more natural and leaves a lasting impact. Always have that in mind.

We’ve reached the conclusion of this article, and the key points are to be more intentional at events, to make it seem natural, and to invest emotionally. At your next event, be sure to network and, of course, get swag (we still want swag).

Networking is a WE thing. Get value by providing value. It is not about the potential rewards for you.



Ivy Elebesunu

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