Just Maybe

Ivy Elebesunu
3 min readJan 18, 2024

I have felt stuck and I haven’t been the most present individual. The pace or tone with which I interact with people creeps its way into productivity and career most times. Maybe it’s just me. I have days when I feel I’ve failed at investing in my relationships. And it’s all on me. That was a way to start the first read of the year but hey, you can’t do much if you don’t strike a balance.

Hi, Techie! Happy New Year (I hope it’s not too late for that). This year is a year of stepping things up and just doing it even if it doesn’t make sense at the very beginning. For me, I’m prioritizing relationships. I genuinely want to be happy. Getting that balance reflects career-wise. Relationships accelerate your growth.

Scratching out the what-ifs and just acting is something I hope to do more. I work mainly in Marketing now and my goodness for someone whose social battery dies down and can have insane moments of shyness, it’s going to be a ton of tasks to put myself out of my comfort zone and stay there. Nothing great comes from average and to be THE BEST, we need to stretch beyond our capacity.

Let’s attempt a little workout now. Please take out a little book or piece of paper and list three goals you would like to accomplish. Make them really big (this year, making $200k won’t be too awful). Completed? Fantastic! I then want you to list three obstacles that you believe will prevent you from achieving your goals. Read them attentively now. I now realize that all of the obstacles are inside your head. However, there’s always a workaround. You’ve won the entire championship if you can prevail in the battle of the mind.

My story won’t be void of a couple of setbacks possibly with premium tears as well but I’m embracing them and loving every moment. I’m taking crazy steps and loving and owing every freaking bit of it. Overthinking doesn’t help so what if we turned down the volume of intrusive thoughts and just live.

If you want this year to BE then DO. I know how much of a spendthrift I can get so I set up monthly targets to hit in my finances. I also know how much I love to sleep but I need to get certain certifications, I found a way around my schedule to balance it out. I also know how hard it is for me to say no but I’ve learned my time is valuable so I get stingy with it.

In pursuit of happiness and living a little more, I’ve made it a ritual to do something for me every month. Could be a trip to the spa, getting my nails done, or even getting new outfits. This is because we work so hard and even beat ourselves up but we don’t reward ourselves or give ourselves enough credit. Want to join me? Then every month, do something that puts a smile on your face and tell me what you did (you know my socials). I can’t wait to see the amazing gist I get.

I understand the importance of accountability so YOU get access to this first. If you need help with sticking to your plan, fill out this form here. It’s already an amazing year, don’t you agree? PS- I did notice we have been delving a bit more into the communications and well-being side of tech but we’ll even it out soon enough. Talk soon!



Ivy Elebesunu

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